CCS2 HPC DC Vehicle Liquid Cooled Charging Connector

This product is developed and designed strictly in accordance with the relevant standards of IEC62196 and has passed TÜV Mark/CE/CB certification. It is suitable for DC charging piles of corresponding standards in the European Union and needs to be used with the corresponding liquid cooling system.

This product adopts its own patented liquid-cooling structure, with a rated current carrying capacity of 600A, and can be further expanded, making it your best choice for extremely fast charging.

This product can be used with the liquid cooling module developed by Yonggui in-depth customization. It is small in size, easy to install and stable in use.
Product NameEN DC charger CCS2
**** stands for rated current,…… stands for cable length
xxx stands for design series
Rated Voltage1000V DC
CurrentDC:500A, 600A (rated current)

Contactspower:2; earthing cable:1; signal:2
Working Environment-35~+50℃ (Do not use in chilled or frozen state)
It is used below 2000m above sea level
IP DegreeIP54
DimensionCharging gun:267(L)*74(D)*168.5(W)
Cable:The length can be customized (The recommended maximum length is 5.5m)



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