DC Vehicle Connector CCS2

Comply with IEC62196-1/-3 requirements;

Passed TÜV Mark/CE/CB certification;

For conventional DC charging, suitable for DC charging piles of the corresponding standard in the EU region.
Project/Specification80A Series125A Series200A Series
StandardIEC 62196-1 IEC 62196-3
ModeMode 4, Case C connection
Rated Voltage1000V DC
Rated Current80A125A200A
Voltage Resistance1. Between DC+ and DC-≥3500V AC 1min;
2. Between DC+/DC- and PE≥3500V AC 1min;
Insulation Resistance1. Between DC+ and DC-≥500MQ; 1000V DC
2. Between DC+/DC- and PE≥500MQ; 1000V DC
Degree of protectionOverall performance: IP44 Electrical part: IP67 ( Except the interface with socket )
Cycles life≥10000
Insertion/withdrawal force< 100N
Ambient temperature-30C-50C
The type of temperature sensorPt1000/ NTC ( Optional)
Flame retardant ratingUL94 V-0
Surface material of power contactsAg
OD of cableΦ25±1mmΦ27±1mmΦ34.5±1mm
Cable structure2x 25+1x 16+(2 x 0.75)(P2)
+2x (2x 0.75)
2x 35+1x 25+(2x 0.75)(P2)
+2x(2x 0.75)
2x 70+1x25+(2x 0.75)(P2)
+2 x(2x0.75)
Applicable model of empty seatNameMode numberCode
YG 1403Integrated DC empty seat
Mounting screw: M6 x 25
YG1 403- 103-00-00KR11 1009802241

Application of DC Vehicle Connector (CCS2)

This type of charging connectors is suitable for the corresponding standard DC charging equipment of European Union area.



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